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This is a nice review from University Wire,

"Everything In Transit," the debut album from Jack's Mannequin, will be available in stores and online August 23. Jack's Mannequin is a side project band formed by Something Corporate front man and pianist, Andrew McMahon.
"['Everything In Transit' is] an energetic set of pop music that has more in common with artists like Death Cab for Cutie and Ben Folds than the bands [Something Corporate] usually share stages with," according to Alternative Press.
"I recorded and toured with Something Corporate right out of high school. We did three records in three years and I've hardly been home," McMahon said.
A consequence of the band's constant recording and touring was the end of a three-year relationship McMahon had been involved in. The breakup and the emotions it brought with it were the inspiration for the songs on the album, according to an official press release from the band's publicist.
The album chronicles McMahon returning to southern California and feeling like a stranger have you ever been alone in a crowded room? (Deep Blue) and the lament of his lost love I deconstruct my thoughts at this piano / And it's all that I can do to stay with / All the things I didn't say to you / Before you moved across the country (Into The Airwaves).
"Not only is [McMahon] a great musician, but he's a great entertainer as well. He gets crazy and dances on the piano keys. I love Andrew so I love Jack's Mannequin. It's more mellow than his Something Corporate stuff and you can hear the Beach Boys influence," Brittany Francis, a senior from Syracuse, Utah, said.
The album was originally slated for release in late July, but was bumped back when McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia early in June. McMahon, who was touring, returned to Los Angeles for treatment, which has been successful. He is currently preparing for a bone marrow transplant, according to www.jacksmannequin.com.blogs.com.
"It's amazing to watch how this world is constantly moving in circles. Giving and taking and giving back again. That's what everything in transit is about. The constant motion of this world. In a lot of ways these past few months have reminded me of that motion. All I can say is I am so lucky to be here, feeling as good as I do," said McMahon.
Jack's Mannequin is McMahon on vocals and piano, and Jim Wirt (Something Corporate producer) on guitar and bass. The album also features Bobby Anderson on guitar, Patrick Warren on organ, strings and arrangements and Tommy Lee on drums. The album engineer, CJ Eiriksson, added the drum samples.
A few of the album tracks can be heard by visiting the bands official website: www.jacksmannequin.com or www.myspace.com/jacksmannequin. "Everything In Transit" will be labeled with a parental advisory warning; an edited version will also be available.
(C) 2005 Scroll via U-WIRE
By David Ludkin, Scroll; SOURCE: BYU-Idaho

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