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Time to catch up with Jack's!
Here's a review from the Buffalo News, from Sept. 3.

Fans of the piano-rock band Something Corporate may already be familiar with Jack's Mannequin, a new band headed by SoCo's resident pianist and lead singer Andrew McMahon. Jack's was formed by McMahon last year as a side project while SoCo took a break from four years of non-stop touring. The new EP, "Everything in Transit," details the events that took place in McMahon's life over the past year, and the CD's insert even serves as a storybook to enhance the songs. The tracks are also not separated by track number, but by chapters. The first single from "Everything in Transit," called "The Mixed Tape," sweetly blends McMahon's vocals and classical piano training with an alternative rock edge and really stands out from other songs on the album. Influenced by one of his favorite artists, the Beach Boys, McMahon incorporates a '60s feel-good vibe to many of the songs including "Made for Each Other," and even referencing them in the song "Miss Delaney," by saying "She likes the Beach Boys more than radio metal." McMahon also brings a new and fresh sound that separates Jack's Mannequin from his work with Soco, by incorporating unique instruments into his arrangements that you do not hear often on an album in this genre. The track "La La Lie" features an accordion and also a harmonica solo in the bridge. An organ is featured in the tracks "The Mixed Tape," "We Were Made for Each Other," "I'm Ready," and "Rescued." Other instruments such as the trumpet, chamberlain, sleigh bells, and strings can be found in several other tracks. Percussion is a key element in many of the songs including "Dark Blue," and "Made For Each Other Part 2: You Can Breathe." Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is the percussionist on seven of the 11 tracks. Although Jack's for the most part sounds different from McMahon's work with Soco, there are some tracks that share the unique style that he brings to the table with SoCo. "Kill the Messenger" rings of some of the sounds that can be found on SoCo's last EP, "North." As for the classic piano ballad that dedicated fans have come to know and love, it can be found in the track "Rescued." Inevitably, McMahon's lyrics will capture the attention of his fans, whether the song reminds them of SoCo or not. McMahon was recently diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia at the age of 22 and is currently being treated in Los Angeles, but he insisted that the album still be put out on its original release date, not wanting to disappoint his fans. SoCo was scheduled to perform at certain venues on this years Van's Warped Tour and Jack's at other smaller venues, but these dates were canceled due to McMahon's illness. He is expected to make a full recovery, and has the overwhelming support of his fans, as well as other bands and artists. Everything from pins to rubber bracelets to flip-flops can be purchased to support McMahon and pediatric cancer research. For more information on Jack's Mannequin visit JacksMannequin.com. "Everything in Transit" is available in a record store near you. For more information on supporting Andrew McMahon, pediatric cancer or leukemia research, links can be found on both JacksMannequin.com and JacksMannequin.org. - Rachel Gruber
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